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If you're student who has taken economics courses, you're probably already familiar with Keynesian and free-market theory. While it's pretty obvious why studying the dominant schools of thought are important, being truly well versed in the subject means being exposed to multiple perspectives. I really believe that limiting yourself to the traditional economic theories taught in college curriculums will hinder your ability to deal with the economic issues of the real world once you graduate. Ha-Joon Chang is known for being a "heterodox economist", that is, an economist whose methodologies or schools of thought are considered outside the realm of "mainstream" economics. In his work, he makes thought provoking arguments against neoliberal theories.
I highly recommend this to anybody who is new to studying economics. He presents several well known and not-so-well known schools of economic thought and summarizes what he believes to be the strengths and weaknesses of each.
In this book, Ha-Joon Chang gives a historical analysis as to how today's wealthiest nations have truly built their economies, and how current global economic development policy actually prevented developing nations from growing.
One of his more well-known works. He debunks several widely accepted myths among neoliberal economics. He explains why people in poor countries are actually more entrepreneurial than people in rich countries, why our world economy is actually more unstable now than it has been in the past, and why we are not smart enough to leave things to the market, amongst other topics.
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