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G.D and T.O.P high high
2pm hands up,. , Go crazy
C.Nblue one more time
Jung yong hwa Mileage
K.will Day 1
Miss A . i don't need a man
Kang Seung Yoon - Instinctively
Yoon Jong Shin Instinctively ( the original singer)
Park Sihwan dessert
I want to share with you all how i prepared my list. i graduated from high school since long time but they have habit to make gathering every 2 weeks. so i asked them all and they star to choose songs with me and i add more fans to k.pop world.
I never listened to C.Nblue but OMG!!! New fan right here! lol.
Great lured them in and that was the whole idea...great job!!!
Awesome list! :)
great k.wil , GD TOP 2 PM Miss A I don't need a man my top favortie song all songs are my favorites great list sis <3.
Great List:-)
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