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SEO IN GUK Super Star K completely changed his life for the better not to mention it turned him into this sexy hunk >_< Before he became a singer, his family was so poor that when once in a blue moon they had chicken, they save the bones to cook broth with so they didn’t have to spend extra money on further meals. LEE TEUK (SUPER JUNIOR) Leeteuk always seems so happy and bright that it’s hard to imagine him in a bleak situation…however. He mentioned in a past interview that not only did he come from a poor family, he witnessed many fights between his parents and that his father used to beat him as well. SUNGGYU (INFINITE) When he was young his family was so poor that he and his sister had to live at his friends house and share a room with him. Like his usual happy self, Sunggyu smiled through all the hardships But as young children are bound to, his friend made a hurtful remark about the state of his poverty and since then, Sunggyu carried a bit of hurt inside him even now as a successful singer. JAEJONG (JYJ) Jaejoong may look like he comes straight from royalty but apparently he suffered from pretty extreme hardships. After running away from home he worked several jobs including being a waiter but at times when he didn’t have enough money to even eat, he donated blood in order to receive small amounts of money so he could feed himself. Heck I thought donating blood was for free.. XD YUNHO (TVXQ) It’s hard to imagine a guy looking this good sleeping on the streets but apparently, that’s exactly what happened to Yunho during his childhood. When he was in his teens his father went bankrupt and his entire family was kicked out of the house. His family had to resort to sleeping in train stations. ALL CREDITS TO KOREABOO.COM #COMMENTS ON YOUR FAVOURITE STORY FOR ME, SEO IN GUK'S STORY MAKES ME LAUGH AND YUNHO &JAEJONG STORIES BRINGS TEARS TO MY EYES.... AM I KIDDING? THEY ALL DO... OMG THE FEELS
People with the brightest smiles tell the saddest stories.
Hey guys ...if your biases aren't here Don't get mad The thing is , not everyone is comfortable talking about their past especially one they are not proud of .....it takes a lot of courage . so far these guys have done a great job letting the public in on their private lives so we know what shaped them to be who they are today.....we just hope more of our biases are willing to open up and let us have more heartbreaking teary gif (yeah...i love them...have tons of it)
@StephanieDuong Yeah me too @.sunggyu's STORY I learnt that no condition is permanent and we shouldn't always mock our friends.or people that aren't well off cuz you never can tell what becomes of the future
This is so sad! But all these stories are so inspiring and a great lesson that we don't know everyone's story and to keep working hard to become successful. I'm glad they grew up and are healthy now. :)
well im happy for them now...
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