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First of all I just want to say ,I believe everyone is different so the songs to introduce to a nonkpopper will particularly depend on how that person is your choice of showing the songs to a non-kpopper should change depending on the particular individual taste in music. Because in Kpop we can surely see all sorts of music and thats what I love the most about Kpop, thats why it was hard for me but I did few pick few best songs that I would like to share with my non kpop friends and brothers I hope they will like it if I do get to share it with them and I hope you all will like my list 2 soo Enjoy.
Exo Wolf (Drama Version) I love Korean Mvs Drama versions and I happen to show it to my friend as soon as I saw it and she happen to love it. So I think Korean Mvs Drama Versions tare the best and this one is just sooooo superb all eco members looks so HOT <3 i think its the best kpop drama MV version ever made and it was the first one I saw took sooo damn cool hahahs :D
EXO Growl and Call Me Baby ...... ;)
Taeyang Ringa Linga Dance Performance Video , sooo many ethnicities this dance practice is surely diversed and the best in my opinion and it just makes me love this song and mv more every time I see it.
Big Bang Bad boy and Blue
there is soooo many reasons why I love these 2 songs and I would like my friends to see it but one of the reason is that these videos are made in Brooklyn the streets I literally grew up in Hahas and the song itself are supercool. :D
BAP One Shot another Superb Best Drama Version Mv
Got7 (A) Such a cutte charismatic lovely song it is and I love these boys , i would love to show this one to my friends.
Mamacita (Superjunior) I think my brothers will like this one if they see it one and they are non-Kpoppers too :p
A.D.T.OY 2 pm for my friend I have in my mind hahas :p
Girls Generation I got a boy I showed this to my friend once and she happen to like it a lot but the language barrier is hard to cover I hope I can do more about that but music is more on how you feel right ;) .
2ne1 I am The Best ....... :).
Trouble Maker . This song and Mv speaks for itself on why I wanna show it to a Non Kpopper.
Vixx Error I love this one Mv and song and everything about about it so I would like my friends to see this one too.
And thats all with my list and I hope you all will like it.
All credit to its actual owner for each video and this was an Awesome challenge and I really wish to show these songs and MVs to my friends and Brothers too hahhas :P
Enjoys and thanks for tagging me for the challenge. :).
I freakin LOVE this list just ugh...every single song is amazing!!!! Love love love it!
thanku EVERYONE :)
strong awesome list bigbang 2 pm 2ne1 woow
I love this list, great job picking out songs @sherrysahar :D
Bad boy can a good song to introduce to a non kpopper I also remember the first time I introduced it to my friend and she really liked it !! Love the list ^^
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