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Menstral Cyles and Constipation are my biggest barriers. Today, I started drinking water with added coconut vinegar. Judging by how fast I made it to the bathroom, I think it's working. What are your barriers and how do you manage?
My biggest issue when it comes to that time of the month is cramping! I only have cycle for about 3 days, which means intense cramping the whole time. I haven't found much that relieves it naturally yet (I resort to Midol when its too bad!) but I have noticed that drinking TONS of water and hot tea helps me. I have a friend who's going to LOVE this tip, though, so thanks for sharing!!
@onesmile no problem. I love to share valuable information for common problems. I have dysmenorrhea. I get endometriosis symptoms but when I got checked for it they said they didn't see anything. I was on BC for the pain and heavy bleeding but I recently stopped taking it. I didn't want to put anymore of anything in my body. I have a enough going on. So now, I'm trying to find ways to help my symptoms.