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Is there anything more glorious than a gathering of corgis? I don't think so.
The 9th annual (yes, this happens every year) So Cal Corgi Beach Day happened on April 11th and it was just as wonderful as it's name suggests it might be. The 4-hour event, which trended on Twitter under #SoCalCorgiBeachDay, had 634 corgis check in this year!! Last year there were only about 300 (which is still a heck of a lot of corgis).
And now, here's what you've been waiting for: pictures of all those corgis!!! Enjoy, and maybe go out to check it out yourself next year :)
Official Corgi Beach Day FB Page!
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Wish I was there to see this! Never heard of it. 400 is a lot of dogs.
3 years ago·Reply
Dude, my girl isn't a corgi and she still would have a lot of fun at something like this!!
3 years ago·Reply
@noonmarez 400 + 234 hahahaah
3 years ago·Reply
right, 634 dogs. hahaha
3 years ago·Reply
@Spudsomma I know!!! I wish I could have been cute!!
3 years ago·Reply