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Not sure what to say about this... I went out to run errands today and unexpectedly got home early. As I am coming up the stairs from my garage I hear salsa music. I come around the corner into my living room and WHAM! BUSTED! Zephyr and Fafoutis obviously like to do salsa dancing when I'm not here - although Zeph dances, Fafoutis just sort of jumps up and down.
this should go into humor community too! @jonpatrickhyde he actually seems to be on beat lol
He doesn't have a FB page... lol. I wish I had the free time. if you look at my collection called "Cat photos. I am owned" I've got several cards dedicated to him. in the card "Nikon D4s Test" the one with him sitting calmly looking directly into the camera... the third photo in that card shows his claws. he'd be scary if he wasn't sincerely so absolutely sweet.
@jonPatrickHyde I'd love to meet him. What's his name? Does he have a FB page? Are you managing his career? LOL Animals, these days, have better careers than some humans. I am not familiar with F4 and his pedigree from a leopard. I am assuming it's a real life in the wild kind of leopard. Your cat must be frisky. I'd be a little frightened.
That gray striped one has such an expressive face. The camera loves him!
Oh. My. God. That is so cute!!!!!
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