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Gayoung's drunk. There she is with with Jaehyuk, both trying to drown the image of both Anna and Gayoung standing victorious in front of everyone clapping for the Amazing collection!" Hey! Do you know that you've been talking about that jerk of Youngul for over 2 hours?" says Jaehyuk in an angry tone to Gayoung. Then they both leave in his car. But she's too hammered and passes out in the car. He takes her Home with him. She's even on his bed now, he touches her hair..Forces himself to leave her side. Youngul, meanwhile, is again seeing her everywhere too. On his bed as well. What a lucky girl with these 2 hot guys having Fantazies about her >O< >The next day, as both are leaving to the compagny, Gayoung asks Jaehyuk:"I ..didn't do anything..stupid when i was drunk,right?" "..Jee..please don't remind me of this embarassing night.*smiles* I'll let your imagination guides your memories" He says trying to make her belief they actually did something! Seriously Jaehyuk, that's very low >< On the elevator, guess who they meet? YOUNGUL! He seemed to have moved to his new classy Flat! Seeing them both together, he also thought they spent the night together!"Boss, it's really not what you think..!" says Gayoung all stuttering! Jaehyuk is just so furious to see Gayoung explaining herself in front of Youngul. Youngul just leaves, and only shows his deep sadness in his car. He's almost about to cry...ㅜㅠ > Back to the compagny, Anna is facing Jaehyuk one last time:" Do you really want to end this?" she asks him in a such desperate tone." listen, you think you ll provoke me with that little boy toy of urs Youngul? If u want to leave then go ahead" he answers her, again with his usual cold tone. "Well..then thanks for everything" Says Anna, then packs her stuff and actually leaves the compagny for good! On her way out, she meets Gayoung:" Did you have a good night sleep yesterday night?" >Back at Youngul's place, he's surprised by Gayoung's presence. She's trying to expalin herself, about yesterday's incident:" To tell you the truth, i don't like the way you looked at me back then at the elevator. i surely didnt do anything that night with Jaehyuk, but then, it's not like we're officially never officially called your girlfriend or anything so far so.." she keeps on going until he interrupts her saying he got somewhere important to go. She gets so hurt as he totally ignored what she's trying to prove to him that she..SLAPS HIM IN THE FACE! OMG! "FINE. if that's the end of your talk then im going to get going now!" He says, boiling over. Gayoung, just runs with her tears back to her sewing machine, trying to keep her mind busy. Yet, all the memories she ever had with him, since their little trip to America are rushing down into her head.. >Youngul's business is doing so well. His collection is getting great reviews in magazines and newpapers. That night, Anna is over at his place, leaning on his SHOULDER and Sleeping! What s going on here??!! MEanwhile, Jaehyuk's ordered a cute dinner box to share with Gayoung. How adorable! Mr born with a golden spoon in his mouth goes for commoners food just for his beloved one XD But Gayoung texts him saying she can't eat with him as she's busy sewing! e gets so frustrated that he takes this huge bite on his own:" YUMMYYY" he says to himself, he was sooo cute! Impatient to see her, he makes her promise to come the next day for dinner at his place. But she has no idea what he is planning. >Gayoung arrives at JAehyuk's place, wearing the same dress Youngul offered her in her B-day. How ironic. As she's helping him cook, the door bell rings.:" Don't worry. It's not my mom. Just go get the door please". Gaoung's bad feeling about this. She gets the door and it's..BOTH ANNA AND YOUNGUL! >Nicely planned Jaehyuk. All four of them on the same table. Jaehyuk looks so calm. The rest just nervous, angry, shocked..They talk about business. Youngul is barely controlling his facial expressions. Jaehyuk asks Anna how is she enjoying her new postion at Youngul's compagny, she says she LOVES it. Then, as Gayoung's eating, she gets a little bit of sauce on her face, Jaehyuk PERSONALLY takes care of wiping that off from her face. As their discussion gets escalated, Anna and Youngul just leave, wining the conversation war, to be fair. Jaehyuk and Gayoung now alone, he says:" Thanks for staying til the end". "I gotta leave too now." She says and is about to leave when Jaehyuk suddenly asks her:" Cant you just stay for the night?" >On her way down in the elevator, it seems to be the longest ride ever. She can't help but remember all the promises she made to Youngul, all the sweet things he did for her even when he was broke...She tears up. Next thing she finds herself doing in knocking at Youngul's door. He opens up then she says:" BOSS I LOVE YOU" Oh-My-God! > Yes she said it at last! "I fear that im going to regret it my whole life, if i don't say it to you right now" The second she says it, Anna comes out of his appartment! Seeing her there that late, she gets shcoked, and just runs back to the elevator. That night, she cries again all the tears in her body. "Seems like you got a Love confession, huh? You seem to be in shaken up. Now you understand why i still went back to the man who gave up on me, dont u?" Anna says to Youngul, who is just speechless. " Just promise me one thing though. Promise me that YOU will never leave me too" says Anna, just to make everything even more complicated for him to handle. This is unbelievably exciting I LOVE THIS EPISODE. >Next morning, after crying all night, Gayoung wakes her with a high fever and can't go to work. Poor Gayoung has to take care of herself by herself >< but after she went asleep for a little while and woke up again, guess who's by her side? JAEHYUK! He's dozzing off by her side LOL He even prepared food for her and feeds her himself! He is So Adorable in this scene going like:" Ah~ open up and Eat" XD > Heaing about her being sick, Youngul finally decides to call her:" So..umm..i heard you are sick. How are you now?" he asks her in his old soft caring voice. "Yes.." She asnwers. then a little while of just silence takes over the mood, then Youngul suddenly breaks the bad news:" I ve been thinking..Im sorry. I think it would be better for us to pretend that you never said what you told me that night. Im..Sorry". *************************************** END
it seems like an exciting episode, why Youngul ..... why T_T
i felt sorry for gayoung
i feel so sad reading this recap....all gayoung to do is trying to be honest to youngul bout his feeling but its seems he doesnt care bout this...and he has no heart because he breaks the news knowing that gayoung is sick....feel so sorry to gayoung...
So, he said that he doesnt want her love at this point? because of Anna? Oh no this is so frustrating! Why cant they be together!