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wait wait don't don't your beauty is too valuable your heart too sublime in so many ways still unknown to the world the ways of the light the light your light know the ways find them and feel them breathe them and hold them love them and keep them because you can never cut through all the darkness only the light the light your light can do that open the curtain in the corner of your heart see the light is you overcoming all the darkness filling all the empty rooms the rooms of your stronghold with the light the light your light fight the fears crush them with finality and terminate them with sureness walk into the sun trade your pain for its peace and show up in the world with the light the light your light it was beautiful yesterday it is beautiful today and for 10,000 tomorrows it will be beautiful you are power
REFLECTIONS BY THE AUTHOR: Author Notes CUT ~ D James Breaux There is a back story to your life which the world needs to discover. And it has to do with your inner strength. Because that is what defines you. Not any past pain that might linger from undeserved hurts or wrongs. Not any untrue feelings that say you don't measure up. Or the false notion that everything is somehow your fault. No matter what mountain you may face. No matter what adversity you may be going through. No matter what anyone has done to you....if you hurt, just know that the pain inside you is a tiny little thing compared to the actual #Awesomeness that is asleep deep within you. And not only that, but you are stronger now than you ever were before. So awaken your power....strong sleeping giant....and get back in the game. Because that thing inside you causing all the pain?? It's nothing compared to your #Awesomeness. So here's the deal amigo ~ #YouArePower ~ You are unique ~ You are a one of a kind original ~ and there is no other living being in the universe ~ eternity past or eternity future ~ exactly like you. And yes you have #Awesomeness in you. And yes you can use it to crush whatever is hurting you. That's right....the hurt is so small, you can crush it. So go ahead. Make it your bitch. Because it's time for change. And change is good. Welcome to your new personal paradigm shift. Your kick it in gear transformation vibe happens now. We're exiting off this boulevard of broken moments, leaving them behind, and focusing on only the happy moments from here on out, staying on the new path. Yeh. It's easier here. A lot easier. And life is simpler too. Free of pain. And that is what you deserve. And that is what you are going to claim. Because that is what's rightfully yours. A happy life all your own. Claim it. It's yours for the taking. You can do it and you know it. Break free from the walls. Be an overcomer. Be the Jack Sparrow of your own story. The story starts here. This moment. Page one. Your moment. Embrace it. Own it. And really really really begin to love yourself in it. And never ever ever let anyone ~ or anything ~ get between you and your journey to self love. Now go turn the light on. And make sure it's bright enough for the whole world to see. Because that is what the world needs. Your light. #YouArePower > The only person better than you is the person you've yet to BECOME! ~ Juliet Dillinger
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Very empowering piece. Really, it can remind us all that we all have a light! We are all some sort of light!