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Obsessed with Him.

There's nothing ordinary about this love. It's practical and magical at the same time. It's about timing and decisions And fate and destiny and all the sparkly things in space. I don't wanna be with another. I literally prayed every night and morning And made a wish every single time the clock struck 11:11. I told God the type of man I wanted in my life. I was in no rush but just in case he was coming. I was hoping he would be all that I prayed for. He came sooner than later. This is an account of how this love started. But more importantly, it's an account of the miracles of prayer. If you know me, you know I'm justified in saying miracle lol I love you guys Later ! Take my survey
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ok I feel u r happy now. Enjoy ur life~ n good luck ~~
why do we need to to the survey?
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