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We have got to stop ruining the rivers which make up such an important part of our lives and ecosystems. American Rivers knows it, so every year they compile a list of the most endangered rivers, pointing out what the problems are, to help raise awareness about these problems.
These are the 10 most endangered rivers of 2015.

1. Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Location: Arizona
Threats: Harmful development, groundwater depletion, uranium mines

2. Columbia River

Location: Washington, Oregon
Threat: Outdated dam operations

3. Holston River

Location: Tennessee
Threat: Toxic chemical pollution

4. Smith River

Location: Montana
Threat: Copper mine

5. Edisto River

Location: South Carolina
Threat: Excessive water withdrawals

6. Chuitna River

Location: Alaska
Threat: Coal mine

7. Rogue-Smith Watersheds

Location: Oregon, California
Threat: Nickel mines

8. St. Louis River

Location: Minnesota
Threat: Copper-nickel sulfide mine

9. Harpeth River

Location: Tennessee
Threat: Sewage pollution

10. Pearl River

Location: Louisiana, Mississippi
Threat: New dam
@yakwithalan Looking into it more; thanks for the info.
They're all beautiful. I hope that we can do something--did they give any recommendations on how to get involved? On what to do to help? Is there anything we can do?
@amog32 Sadly efforts are pretty scattered, but it is possible to help American Rivers themselves who then work on these projects! This year they really did highlight quite a few things going on with the colorado river you can get involved with you follow the links to their site!