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You're not the only one starting to get their summer body back! Check out these celebrities that hit the gym this week and uploaded proof to inspire you.
Check out who is doing what then go lace up those running shoes yourself!
Ellie Goulding is hard at work at the pilates studio and it looks like she fit some rowing into her workout too!
Demi Lovato knows how to have fun and kick butt!
Kylie Jenner might be a little too fashionable for the gym with all the jewels, but she's got good form!
Jessica Alba makes sweat look fabulous as usual.
Lady Gaga broke out the hot yoga to de-stress and get centered.
Emmy Rossum hit the gym to take a dance class for a hot, fun workout!
Whoa is that Karly Kloss in the first picture?!
Emmy Rossum looks like she'd make an awesome workout partner! I love her on Shameless. Does anyone else watch it?
Totally wouldn't have recognized Gaga if you hadn't pointed her out haha
Demi Lovato is my gym idol! She does so many cool workouts :)