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If your style of blister prevention comes in the form of either a blister prevention tape (like Leukotape) or even just duct tape, there are some different ways to pack it that will save space and make using the tape even easier!! These are the ways I've tried: how do you prefer to use it?

Blister Tape on Waxy Paper

For tapes like Leukotape, one great way to store them is to put the tape onto a waxy paper (like kitchen grade wax paper or the left over backing of stamps/address labels) and then cut these into strips to easily put in your first aid kit!

Duct Tape Wrap!

If you prefer to use the simple duct tape, you can pretty much just wrap this around any thing you usually carry (such as a lighter, water bottle, etc) and then take it off as needed! It's stick and released to itself on the roll anyways, so you're pretty much just storing it on a different roll.

Just Bring the Roll

This isn't the most space or weight efficient way, but really, can just bring the roll! If you're not an ultralight hiker or you aren't too concerned about weight, this will be just fine for you.
@yakwithalan Great idea! I bet if you dont have any you could even ask your post office for some, maybe.
You can also use pretty much any sticker backing you might have extra, like from address labels or stamps or anything. You can get all different sizes that way too.
I just wrap it around a lighter like the duct tape style. That works for leukotape well enough, too