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It's not as hard to care for your leather boots as you might think, but if you're going to invest in leather hiking boots, you should really take the time to clean, waterproof and care for them!
This is a really simple way to do it.
What you need:
- hard bristle brush
- hard toothbrush
- a few spare towels or rags
- small putty knife
- Never Dull Polish
- Saddle Soap
- Snow-proof Weather-proofer
Step by Step:
1. Use your knife to get caked in dirt out of the sole of the shoe.
2. Take the dry stiff brush and scrub off the loose dirt from all parts of the boot.
3. Get the sole wet and scrub it with the bristle brush. Dry it.
4. Take out a piece of the Never Dull polish and shine the metal parts of the boot till clean.
5. Dampen & squeeze out a towel. Get saddle soap on there and rub it into the boot in circular motions.
6. Get another damp towel and take off the excess saddle soap.
7. Let it dry, or, use a hair dryer to dry it. You want the boot to be warm.
8. Get the snowproofer, and rub this in using a toothbrush in circular motions till everything is covered.
9. Use the blow dryer again and then wipe off the excess snowproofer with a towel.
10. Finished!
@yakwithalan It's not very often that you need to do this! @TrevorGoldley To be honest, there's really not
I never bought leather because of all this upkeep. Sorry, just can't do it.
Nice, and pretty easy! Is there anywhere to avoid it darkening the leather?