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People reported on Friday that Taylor Swift's mom has been diagnosed with Cancer.
It all started when Taylor asked her mom for the most important Christmas gift ever: get a full medical screening. You know, just in case. Well, the results came back; and though we don't know the details (as they are being kept private), it was confirmed that Andrea Swift has cancer. Taylor sent the message via Twitter and her fans came pouring in with tons of support.
Wrote Carina15, from the "Mama Swift" forum on TaylorSwift.com, "I know, a lot of people don't even know who Andrea really is. So all that comes to their minds is "i'm sorry" or "get well soon"But Andrea is smart. She knows that every single one of the Swifties is there to support and encourage her. Swifties don't give up. We don't lose faith. That's what Taylor always thaught us, remember?"
You can read the rest of the remarks here.
I too want to wish Andrea well as she journeys the arduous road of battling the devastating disease. That might seem trite, but I truly hope that she is able to beat cancer with hope, strength and heaps of love from her family and friends!
@marshalledgar Is that true?! That's incredible. I feel like I don't know ANYBODY whose lives weren't impacted by cancer on some level.
I had no idea she was diagnosed. Is cancer getting worse and more widespread or is it just a hot topic in media that gets reported more often? No one in my family has ever had to battle cancer. In fact no one I know has either.
I hope so too. My heart goes out to her and the family
Omg I pray she'll beat it also. Praying for her & the family.