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If you haven't been to Yellowstone National Park before, you should really make plans to make a trip there!! It's unlike any other place in the continental US. Seriously. I don't joke about these things!
There are, of course, the classic beautiful sights of Yellowstone: the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Old Faithful, and more. This video captures some of those beautiful sites, not in their normal daytime beauty, but rather, they are captured by moonlight. This gives a new fun twist to the already beautiful!
If you do head out to Yellowstone (seriously do it!!!!) here are some places that I loved that you should consider adding to your list of must-sees!

Old Faithful

Old Faithful erupts the most frequently (roughly every 90 minutes, for between 90 seconds and five minutes) and as such is Yellowstone’s most famous geysers.

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

It's just a must see. There are three beautiful waterfalls, and the lower of the look out points is called "Artist's Overlook" because it's so beautiful!

Boiling River

One of the few places where you can swim in the park – though not in spring due to hazardous high water – it’s also a good place to spot elk, pronghorn and bighorn sheep.


While Old Faithful erupts the most frequently (thus the name), Steamboat is the tallest active geyser in the world, so it's worth seeing! Steamboat has gone 50 years without erupting, though, so don't expect too much. Sometimes, they're only 4 days apart!

Grand Prismatic Spring

This is one of the largest geothermic springs in the world, and it's stunning. You can see the deep blues which are surrounded by rainbow colored algae!! Stunning!!!
Everyone has to go here. It's a requirement in my books.Go. Go. GO!
@onesmile That's awesome! I dont thinkt here's many places you can see something like that.
@fallingwater You gotta go!!! @TrevorGoldley Yep :) the temperature and mineral conditions allow for them to live
That spring is so beautiful. Wow. So the colors are all just different organisms that thrive there?
Been there, but I didn't get to see everything I wanted to. Guess it's time to make a return visit!