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I have three weddings to attend this Spring. All of them happen to be held at an outdoor venue (beach, botanic garden, hotel rooftop). I have attended countless weddings in the past four years but finding the wedding guest outfit is always a challenge. So, I came up with an outfit formula based on the venue to make choosing an attire a breeze.

For Beachside Venue

The weather is going to be warm and you want to wear something that gives you comfort with style. A vibrant spring-colored maxi-dress and beach-friendly accessories is the combo I always go with. Generally, I like sticking with flat sandals but if you need some height a wedge sandal would look great with the maxi length.

For A Hotel Rooftop Venue

Hotel rooftops decors are usually dreamy and romantic. The best part is watching the sunset and enjoying a cup of champagne. This is why I recommend a feminine glamorous outfit. A metallic combo such as a texture top and gold hue skirt gives off the perfect vibe. Pair it with a mirrored clutch and silver pump to capture and reflect the beautiful lights.

For Casual Outdoor Venue

I love outdoor venue surrounded by a field of flowers. Due to the amazing lighting photos will come out amazing. Dress in a solid vibrant dress to avoid being overexposed in pictures. Accessorize with a contrasting colored clutch and keep you footwear flat (because of grass).
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@noonmarez It also depends on skin tone. I love the mustard yellow color because it gives off a warm hue. Which is perfect for a beach event.
When you first look at the blue dress it seems simple but you'll be drawn to the all over lace detail. The length is always perfect for any occasion.
This card inspired me to share an article on Spring wedding attire for guests. You can read it here.
I see what you mean @ModernRomance I'd opt for wedges or something like that.
love that blue lace dress.