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Okay so I was super let down by SNSD's new track so this is a big pick me up.
The song is structured really similarly to 'Up and Down' but it works for them. I'm actually pretty sure that they use some of the same poses and scenes from the previous music video...
I love that they can mix sweet, super sexy, and being a tough girl all into one group and that 'ah yeah' dance in the chorus is toooootally going to go viral!
The song isn't my favorite but I can feel myself growing to love it already (ps anyone getting 4 Minute vibes???)
Also LOL at them already predicting the views are going to be so high for this video... check out the screen at 2:35 hahahahahha
And how cute was that ending!?
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@jiggzy19 ok but we are still saving for the BTS concert, we will have to 50/50 split the cost :)
@MattK95 OK!!!!
I was also super let down with SNSD's new song. I'm gonna listen to this and hope it picks me up like it did for you :)
@cryomorph I didn't like it either, I was so bummed! But this song is soooo good! I love how cute they got at the end too hahahahah
@kpopandkimchi yes I love how when they take the pixelation away it's all just like teddy photos and stuff :)