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What did it take for you to say "yes" (or, I guess, NO!) to a date or relationship? What did they say? Or did they set up something romantic?
I really want to know what kind of cute stories you all have, so let's share them :)
Leave the story of how you were asked out in the comments!!
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Winston and I got into the worst argument over an advertising campaign...but it was settled when toward the end of one of our disagreements he placed a raw Burmese ruby on my desk. I was standing at the moment and with my voice trailing off and to a whisper, I slunk into the chair and felt a lump in my throat. He quickly blurted out, "It's NOT a marriage proposal..." I didn't care. It was stunning. He's in my life and I'm in his. It's complicated.
@Becca1994 Awesome!!! Congrats :) good for him for sticking around even when you weren't quite ready yet :) @fallingwater Sweet story :) @NixonWoman It certainly does sound complicated~
I definitely could not have asked for a better guy :)
Super cheesy, but as you might know by my name (lol) I'm into Harry Potter and I had a guy ask me to prom by asking me to the Yule Ball. Yep.
@timeturnerjones Thats so cheesy I love it lol