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OMO. OMO. OMO!!! CROSS GENE is BACK and is better than EVER!! This song called 나하고 놀자 or roughly translated to 'Play With Me' OMFGJSOSJSKAJFAUEQZ. I've literally have had this song on REPEAT. It's definitely one of CROSS GENE's top songs and most definitely one of my favorites ALREADY! :D I'm so proud of them. This is one heck of a comeback! Check it out the M/V below!
The music video is super crazy and random but the beat and lyrics are seriously SO CATCHY. And the dancing is spot on!! But can I just say that ALL of them are looking SO GOOD. xD CROSS GENE is a pretty underrated group (in my opinion) but they should really be more well known! Please support them!! You won't regret it! :D I know you guys like CROSS GENE too so I tagged you in the post you you guys can see it! I hope you like it as much as I do! :D @MattK95 @jiggzy19
i love them one of my favorite group...
wow they're really good
okay where have i been? i've heard of cross gene but never really listened to them, I LOVE this song!? i feel an obsession coming on...
Hmmm.. really tough question. I like them all too much..Haha. You? @jiggzy19
@StephanieDuong who is your favourite member in Crossgene?
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