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I just recently found out that "famed" cosplayer YaYa Han has teamed up with McCall's to release cosplay patterns. Now, don't get me wrong I know how big of a lack there is for good cosplay patterns, so that's great because more people will have an easier time getting a hold of these patterns, but I can't help but be a little annoyed that it's /Yaya/ who is the one leading this path.
She'll be releasing two patterns first: one for her bodysuit and another for her peacock dress!
I guess it had to be her considering how big of a name she is (and how she's one of the only cosplayers known outside the cosplay world thanks to those TV shows she has been on) but still, Yaya just rubs me the wrong way!
Either way, I hope this means more and more top tier cosplayers will be able to engage in this kind of thing!!
@vulpix A very good point. I started following her ages ago, back when she was on the old Angelicstar site. That was 2004 I think. About 2 years I stopped supporting her. I don't think she's the representative the cosplay community really need, and at this rate, want. I'm totally ok with making cosplay your business and/or living and self-promotion. You gotta make money somehow and you might as well make it doing something you love. I am however not okay with the self-applied celebrity status that she seems to be trying to exploit. That's just me tho.
@Spudsy2061 I've just never liked her attitude. She's totally in it for the fame and for showing off, which is fine to like show off your skills but she doesnt' seem to be into the part of cons that I love like the community stuff!!
@vukpix Eh? I will say this. Outside the cosplay community do people really know her. If she walked Atlanta mid-day or rush hour, would people know her right off the bat? Probably not, and that's why I think she needs to kinda calm down a little bit. Heroes of Cosplay was one of the worst things that could have been put on TV for this community in all honesty. I watched 3 episodes and stopped in complete disgust.
@Spuds2061 Exactly! It's one thing to have fame and to continue to support your fame because it's your way of living, like OK fine go for it. But you shouldn't be acting like a celebrity towards others before you really are! It just doesn't make sense.
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