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Convention season is on the way (yay!) which means that I am officially spending too many hours geeking out over cosplays, cosplayers, cosplay videos, conventions, etc. etc.
This video is one of the best well edited collections of cosplay interviews I have seen in a long time! You can meet 20+ different cosplayers who talk about A) why they chose their cosplays B) how long it took to make them and C) how they did it! This is a great video for ANYBODY who needs some inspiration to keep pushing through those weeks and weeks of work trying to pull something nice together.
Keep at it!!! :D
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This is awesome!!! I love to see so many people freak out over what they love :D cool find!!!
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That's it. That's great. The reason to cosplay is to connect even further with a character, with an experience that you can relate to.
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@timeturnerjones @amog32 I know!! These are the kind of passionate people I love to meet!
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Because why not?
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