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I've been asked about "Gravity Challenged Pets" - For the purposes of this discussion we'll be talking about the breed of cats first known for "lighter than air" qualities - bred by Austrian physicist and cat breeder Dr. Johann Brachtenburg in who was living in Alhambra, CA when his first research on the matter was published in 1978.
By consistently exposing successive generations of cats (his original test subjects were black cats which he preferred for their natural stealth capabilities) to a hyperbaric oxygen chamber - like Michael Jackson was reported to have slept in - and increasing doses of helium and certain noble gases into the mixture with the oxygen, he was able to genetically modify each new generation of kittens with less and less weight without sacrificing size (for miniature animals see the research of Wayne Szalinski - 1989).
In 1986 Dr. Brachtenburg was arrested and imprisoned when it was discovered he was also experimenting on people. His research was shut down and the small handful of "Gravity Challenged" felines were confiscated. A few did escape and bred in the general population of local domestic cats in South Los Angeles. Many reports of "flying cats" were documented in the late 1980's and early 1990's. This is where the LA street slang, "Man you be high as a cat" came from.
The lighter than air gene became recessive and in each generation of kittens born - some show potential for becoming gravity-challenged and others appear normal.
I came across a gravity challenged kitten two years ago. And man... it really changed my life.
I started looking for more. I found several. And now I have a house full of cats that just float around. It took some time to get used to.
Mainly, I can't leave any windows open without making sure the screens are secure. And ceiling fans = very bad. Man. Nothing worse than seeing a cat bouncing around in a set of ceiling fan blades like a balloon from the fair.
Anyway, here are some photos.
I mean - it's on the Internet - so it must be true right?
it seems to me that 'the cat is kung fu fighting' hahaha
Your cats are awesome!!! Nice shots.
In fact, it must be true! Great piece. Love it.
The cat looks like its balleting in the air.