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Everyone here deals with the anxiety and stress of waiting for the new GOT season to start in their own way.
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Honestly that's probably the best strategy. The books do have a lot more information and the show has changed some of the story - so they actually do not mirror one-another 100%. The show roughly follows the events of the books. Some are changed, some are left out. Others are the same. If you love the show you'll love the books. So that's always a safe bet.
Yeah I usually attack the books first before seeing the film. The Hunger Games book series was so great that when watching the movies I was comparing the films and the books the whole time.
Can you believe that I have never seen GOT?
Sure... and I didn't figure out what a great show it was until the third season was about to start. I was up late one night flipping channels and I flipped through HBO - they were doing an all-weekend run of every show in the first and second season before the premier of the first episode of the third. As I flipped the channel there was this woman sitting on what looking like a throne breastfeeding a 12 year old and bullying a little person. I stopped and thought, "WTF? This is some freaky weirdness!" I started watching and honestly - it was unlike anything I'd seen. So well done. Production value, sets, story, acting, editing. I've been a professional cinematographer for a decade. I've been a film and TV aficionado my entire life. I knew I was seeing something special. I knew this was a game-changer. It was so ambitious. I knew nothing of the books. Of the world the books. Of the HBO's massive gamble in spending more money per-episode than any other TV show in history. I just knew that what I was seeing was feature film quality. And the story was so instantly fascinating. It doesn't just draw you in. It grabs you and pulls you. You should check it out. It's really quite an adventure.
Sounds like a crazy show from how you describe it. I will have to see if anyone has the series on dvd that I can borrow