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I have heard one too many acquaintances of mine talking about how Charli XCX has no talent and just looks like a trashy human being, so I have to do something. While you're wailing along to Icona Pop, Iggy, or probably most pop songs to come in the future, you're singing along to Charli XCX.
This girl is talented, crazy, funny, and she's not stopping any time soon. Here are 5 things you probably didn't know about our new pop princess.

1. She wrote Icona Pop's smash hit "I Love It"

2. Charli XCX was her screen name when she was a teenager

3. Her favorite album of all time is Britney's "Blackout"

4. Her mom is from Uganda

5. She's obsessed with wearing night wear

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@sophiamor I can actually totally see where you're coming from, she does have a lot of Marina qualities!
When I first heard fancy I thought she was just a rip off of Marina and the Diamonds, but now I like her!
All I know is that she covered Taylor Swift's Shake It Off and it is magnificent haha
She is making BANK if she has rights to I Love It and Fancy, not to mention her own songs now. you go girl!