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Secret: My cousin, whom I adore, cheated on her boyfriend with a married man. She didn't realize it, but her affair resulted in an incurable std. And she gave it to her boyfriend, who was devastated and left her. No one knows this except me and anyone else she told, though I doubt she told anyone. Question: She's starting to see a new and very sweet boy. Knowing my cousin, I doubt she told him about her disease yet. What do I do? Should I say something to him? It'd destroy my relationship with her. But I can't sit back and watch her destroy another man's life. I love my cousin so much. I am lost.
Let's give our advice to this person who isn't sure if they should tell or not!
I'm not one for peer pressure but your cousin needs to tell the new person about the STD if they are getting serious. Forget about the wife of the married man. All that's gone and in the books, we're dealing in the NOW from here on out but you need to establish a trust and respect of honesty in a relationship. If you can't be honest about something like an STD, a skeleton in the closet if you will, then 9,999/10,000 it won't last. What you need to know is: Did the cousin have the conversation with the new person? Will she? Why won't she if she says no?
And there you have it.
I would try to find the married man's wife first.
Haven't heard back from the person who sent the message! @DaniaChicago
Is there an update? Did the cousins have a heart to heart and work it out? :)
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