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Well, we all knew it was coming: Hillary Clinton is officially running for President. While her place as the Democratic nominee hasn't yet been confirmed, it likely will be, meaning that she'll be the big Democrat name to look to seeing during the 2016 election race.
Here's how she officially announced it (though the info had already been both suspected and leaked):
There isn't really anyone I can reasonably see taking the democratic bid from Hillary--she ran a close race for the democratic bid in 2008 against an incumbent President Obama, and has dutifully supported the democratic cause during the last four years. The more interesting discussions is whether or not she'll be able to defeat the main republican candidate, and also who that republican candidate will be.
Either way, I'm glad to see that Hillary will likely finally get to be in the final stages of a race for the presidency--which she has been aiming for for years. If you haven't guessed it already, she's likely got my vote.
I actually can see another democratic candidate coming up to take the nomination off Hillary. I don't know who'd that be, but the Bengazi attacks and their handling is still too new. I'm not saying she had a lot of influence on what happened in Libya, but her faint in the US Congress during the hearing is probably going to make her look weak to some Americans as did the handling of the incident. The Republicans are also well positioned to win IF they elect a good candidate, which current speaker Boehner isn't. I am glad to see her run though but she's currently in the same position McCain was 8 years ago. It's gotta be this election or never.
@drwhat And political ads to sit through but that's a-whole-nother story.
@darcysdiary Funny enough, if you're referring to Bill, they probably won't call him anything other than Mr. Clinton, though he's made jokes about being "The First Laddy." Some have said he'll still be called Mr. President, but executive titles don't last after the official period ends. The job of "first lady" doesn't actually have to be the wife of the President, either--Bill's own First Lady was actually their daughter Chelsea because Hillary abdicated the position to be a Senator. So, I'm not sure they'll give it a new title just for good ol' Bill.
@Spudsy2061 I think she knows it, too. If she doesn't get in this election she's out. But I think she's ok with that, somehow.
No surprise here. We'll see what happens! I'll hold back my judgments until we can see who all the lead candidates for both parties will be.
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