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Happy Monday everyone! I'm thinking of going for a swim this week, so I dug up Lulu's mermaid manicure tutorial to share with all of you. As usually you can replace the base color with polish of your choice. The main design element for the scaly mermaid fin look is a metallic polish.
To create the scaly fin you will need to use a thin brush to draw scallops. Start from the cuticle of the nail until you reach the tip.
When you finished with the design seal it with two layers of top coat for extra-shine.
@Teey I think it'll be gorgeous.
I wonder how a pink or orange would look with this design, cuz I'm not a fan of teal either.
I hate teal color cause it's too dull, but it looks great with gold in this card. I should go get teal to try this out.
where can I find a thin brush at.
Instead of mermaid fin it actually reminds me of waves from the ocean.
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