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To all my fellow DIYers, it's time for a POP QUIZ! lol

Don't freak out, but I thought it would be really fun to introduce a Pop Quiz to get the juices in your mind flowing. I am going to show you three pictures without instructions. You have to figure out how these DIY projects were done just by looking at them. Here they are from easy to hard.




Leave your comments below and instructions on how you'd make these. If you liked this, be sure to let me know and be on the lookout for more pop quiz cards. (They will get harder and harder!) <3
Don't forget to leave your comments here about how you'd make these. :)
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Plastic bag idea is actually pretty genius! I am not a carpenter, so I don't know how to do the third one. I like the bag idea too. Just cut a water bottle top and keep the cap and thread the platic bag through. done.
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the lysol bag idea is the best one here.
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isn't it just a cutting board with a hole in it? just drill a hole. done.
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