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Walk down the aisle that has been turned into a masterpiece!
Take a look at these photos I collected. You can see how these brides wanted more than a white runner. They wanted to turn the aisle into a piece of art. Does this totally inspire you to do the same thing for your own wedding? With a little bit of creativity and a lot of flower petals you can create something just as remarkable as these.
Color block the aisle and situate the chairs to turn it into the ultimate runway!
A glamorous red carpet overlaid with a pattern design made of petals would be gorgeous too!
Choose a pattern and collage different colors of petals together or create a dramatic ombre effect.
Got time on your hands, or a few generous volunteers? Put them to work hand stitching faux petals to a runner. Scatter some loose petals on top and your guests will be in amazement that the petal design remains intact, though 3-dimensional.
What are your ideas for your own aisle? Please share below what you plan to do.
These pictures just took my breath away!
Beautiful. Some weddings put as much effort and money into the ceremony as the reception. That's a lot of money!
Very grand. beautiful