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Who knew the faux hawk could look romantic when braided. This is one of the latest hairstyle I came across while browsing the web. It's a great hairdo for women with extremely long hair who just want to bundle it up. Since there are no written instruction I'll try my best to explain the step-by-step in my while.
At the crown of your hair separate it into three sections.
Then start doing a dutch braid in the middle. Make sure not to grab the hair from the sides.
Once you reach the nape of the neck grab the left an right section and finish it off in one braid.
Loosen up the top braid and weave the ends into dutch braid.
Take the ends of the braid and tuck it in to hide the elastic. Secure it with bobby pins.
Put on a few bobby pins to secure the sides.
Finally, bobby pin any area that needs to be secured.
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My hair is really dark but I still think this would look good. GOnna see if I can get this looking good on me
@marshalledgar I've seen similar style at Loft.
This is amazing! I'm adding this to my updo hairstyle collection.
where did you find this tutorial? it's really chic
I think it's ironic that all these cute hair styles are showing up when my hair is still too short. :/