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Perfect Language...

The other day I was waiting on the railway platform for my train to arrive.. Alone, with ear phones plugged in, watching around and thinking.. And suddenly my eyes fell on a girl and a boy who were talking to each other.. And it was not just talking.. Lively, expressive talking.. Maybe they were friends or a couple.. I don't know.. But what struck me was that they were using sign language.. Yes.. They both couldn't speak.. But they were so nicely wrapped in their bubble.. I just couldn't take my eyes off them.. Because they were communicating.. Like actual actual talking.. And we all who have this ability to talk just do not find words.. Sometimes we are not in the mood or sometimes are too egoistic.. But we do not communicate much..Always lost in our mobiles or tablets.. Or in our own thoughts.. Though we know the language we do not use it.. And those guys were using the perfect language.. :) This moment definitely made it to my perfect moments list.. :) @PerfectMoments..
This is so sweet :)
It's kind of sad that these moments stick out to us now, isn't it? I catch myself being totally removed during a social situation more an dmore lately...yikes!! We hvae something to learn from them
@fallingwater.. True that ! It's not that we don't know.. But perhaps we need to take interest or put more efforts in people surrounding you.. Definitely a learning point..
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