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Gahhhhh I'm SOOOOO feeling this. STRIPPERS and sides of beef....cleavers and ruffians in hockey masks....and a vampire Kwonnie?? Yes please!! This track produced by Zico is totally Block B style but it's not a bad thing at all....
I'm enjoying the extra face time with Kwonnie and B-Bomb. They're looking so good....and P.O....he just kills. He sounds a lot like Zico on this track which was crazy....idk it might've been just my ears. One has been plugged for three weeks....damn infection. But I digress......BASTARZ me likey....
What did y'all think??
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OMG yes @PassTheSuga
3 years ago·Reply
Okay the hilarious thing is that I read the whole card before watching the video so I was like 'strippers?! sides of BEEF?!' HAHAHAHHA
3 years ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi bwahahahaha well I admit I was fangirling and speaking in fragments.
3 years ago·Reply
omg yes i am addicted to this already! the beat go hard but the video leaves me so confused?? but then again so did Very Good lol
3 years ago·Reply
bbomb....looks SO GOOD
3 years ago·Reply