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It's so weird seeing jyp like this.. I feel kind of embarrassed but it's hilarious aha
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@PassTheSuga exactly, he just came across as a dirty oldish man, but Jessi was awesome, I love her too! @aabxo I regret that I watched the whole thing XD
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@MattK95 lolololol OMG.....that's exactly what crossed my mind when I watched the teaser..... "what a dirty old man...." -_-# I'm glad I'm not alone in that thought. @aabxo I watched the whole thing bc I'm just a trooper like that....and I was waiting for Jessi's part but it wasn't til almost the end e_e
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Ahahaha "what a dirty old man".. That's great lol
3 years ago·Reply
@MattK95 @PassTheSuga I actually wasn't surprised at what type of video it was. If you see him on variety shows people usually make comments about him that insinuate the type of person he is XD
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