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hi everyone ~ I'm a new recapper of 'we got married' This is a 'We got Married' live recap for ep 146. See you soon :) Characters Kwang hee ♥ Sunhwa Julien Kang ♥ Yoon se ah Lee joon ♥ Yeon seo Let's start ~ Kwang hee (KH) Let's eat a chicken boiled with rice ! But you know KH is really afraid of reparing Chickens. When they sew the anus of the chicken, KH says "Do you know when you are pretty to me?" KH: um... when you are on the stage... and he says nothing? Sunhwa (SH) Umm is it finished? KH"bUT i can't lie SH: What? KH: OHOHOH i remembered when we are both on the stage (Really really cute?) KH"What about you?" SH: When you gave me a big doll to me Interview KH"When I gave her a big doll, she never tear off the package, so at that time I got disappointed" SH"i really impressed at that time. so I didn't tear off it because it can hurt if I something wrong. KH eats like a pig when he eats a chicken SH i will be patient... At that time... someone is calling.. oh it is a member of ZE:A He asks Kwang hee.. only today would you fill in for me keeping the chicks.... But you know they eat the chicken ....ㅜnㅜ but they accept the suggestion Their name is Chang soon and mal soon..... Sunhwa get shocked when Chang soon flies away SH oH they shit ! pants-pooper oh chang soon did it. KH hey chang soon let's clean your shit.... chick chick chick They hurry to clean the table...because today they ate chicken. They put the food behind the sink But soon chicks are going to the food and shocked... They feel sorry for chicks Oh shit again. real pants pooper They are searching for how to make them shower... But they don't want to be washed... just hanging around SH: maybe they are shameful because of they have different sex KH:They know that? SH:yes may it is right Other people : how they know it...they have bird brain... After make them sleep... They are preparing the housewarming party. They call the KH's friends... beast...shiny...2PM 2PM TAK YEON promises to come...but....other members...don't answer.... SH:um... Kwang hee. my other friends may avoid your calling... KH:no no no expecially...the director of entertainment......didn't answer.. common people...they also even don't anwer... Kwanghee....writes the words for a song.... like I will be so happy if many friends come to my housewarming party...oh.....call me baby.....my friend things like that...KKK Really sad.....so he calls his mother hehehehehehe KH mom I am so depressed....because over 10 people didn't answer my phone.. would you like to call with sunhwa? KHM Sure ~ SH OH mother i am wondering about KH's school days Is KH popular for the girls? SH Really ? it means he have many girl friends ? or be popular ? KHM He is popular so he had many girl friends okay? (Wow strong mom..) Anyway shiny Minho calls back hehehe they express their closeness ~ I really like you like a sea ~ Julien Kang ♥ Yoon se ah couple ~ They are driving now maybe Julien Kang (JK) is preparing much for camping. really cute fur gloves...their cute gloves kiss KKK They are streching like writing partner's name by butts. JK is really afraid because in the middle of the road, there will be a tunnel :) Se ah(SA) julien kang ~ this left hand is cold so jk grabs her hand.. how romantic heheheh there is a tunnel ..when you see the tunnel jk is changed like child Julien. Romantic tunnel :0 I really want to visit there. They said KH kissed spining their head 4 times...um....how can I explain it..1 time kissed right side and left side and right side again and then left side so 4 times... I'm shy >///< .....about these stories... So JK explains his tip of kiss.... what about you? they explain the way of how to kiss....using the gloves... SA style is like biting? KKK They eat odeng (It is food like fish cake? Is ther odeng is your countries?) In korea, when we eat hot things like odeng, we say it is cool even it is hot. They explain the expression of pharase that means opposition. They apply this to their conversation.They carry a joke..like I don't like SA , You are ugly...! SA :Are you serious? kkk Lee joon ♥ Yeon seo couple Lee joon got hurt because he took a role as a guard of the president in the movie... LJ:i will show my manly man. Yeon seo(YS) IS little embrassed.. and he asks a brave question like I saw your pictorial...and your body...really.........(he is shy..) ..pretty... Suddenly he wants to call his mom YS feels some pressure hehehe they call to his mom YS" mom if you have time , visit to our house~" LJM" I HAVE ENOUGH TIME always free time ~ okay I will visit :) see you then" they are preparing to welcome mom..making the foold and buying the couple t shirts When they are cleaning their room... YS have a question YS: Hey lee joon...why didn't you meet me in the real world..? you always say I'm busy or I will sleep things like that.. LJ :Really shocked ....what what what? LJ i am not that bad guy... man has to be this role..I will ask you out on a date... Let's have an honest talk.. LJ Would you meet me in the out side, not this drama? YS:Sorry ! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK Their story is going really fast ... LJ "What's your dream?" YS"I want to be a good wife and wise mother, I will make you be a hollywood star" KKKK AND other questions "How many children do you want?" YS is envious of KH and SH couple because they talked on the bed and watched each other so LJ said "I think KH is strange kkk' YS"Why? I am envy about that After hearing this LJ said soon : "Lie down !" At that time, parcel service arrived...they cook the food together. YS.."You know that.. actually Im little nervous..." LJ"Don't be nervous she is like me ! she is me but only differance is age and gender ! Oh she is coming ~ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) See you next week everyone
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