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This is a 'running man' live recap for ep 122. Characters Yoo jae seok (JS) Jee seok jin (SJ) Kim jong guk (JG) Haha (HH) Song ji hyo (JH) Lee gwang soo (GS) Special guest >< Do you wonder? But I'm not gonna tell you >,~ hehehe Let's see who come out as a special guest ! But I will give you a hint A member of Kara and famous singers in old days ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Then start ! wow wow Do you see that style? It is retro style in Korea! The seventies retro style >< The song has a simple, retro style melody ~ Oh, we need a DJ who has a mc role in stadium. kkk Finally The special guest reveals! Kim wan son ! She swept all the music records in 1988~ 1997. She is legend for our mother and father's generation ! Next guest ! Who are you? Dance skill is nice>< appearance as a magic show He is a Kim nam jeong who is a member of So Bang cha That dance, hand is coming and going at the corner of face!! Legend dance at that time ! Wow another guest is Gang soo ji ~Your figure is coming like a purple perfume ~ Her famous song !! (But do you know how old is she? Maybe you will be surprised ! She look so young !! even me ㅜnㅜ) Oh my mistake Park nam jeong is not a member of Sobangcha...you know i'm not my parents generation. Forgive me >,~ That 3 member are sobang cha !! Wow their talents are unchanged ! 3member wearing red jacket are so bang cha !! Jae seok (JS) WOW you guys are unchanged ! You don't seem to age! get any older ! I think only seok jin(SJ) get older ! Do you know that? Kim jong guk is also a member of old generation ! He is a member of famous singer group TURBO ! So today's team has been formed legend and other running man members! JG is a member of legend team and New special guest GOO HARA joined in running man team. Cute Cute girl ~ Today's mission. Taking a time machine and then go final spot ! After arriving that spot, they will play marbles ! If one team wins that game, that team will get carried away in triumph ~ So Let's start taking a time machine kkkkk 70~80 legend team go back to 1982 year ! 82 year style ! Oh that time,,, 1982..before HARA is born...KKKKK. There are some obstacles in the playground 70~80 legend team have a conference because they have weak strength so they discuss about foul kkk At that time Goo hara takes off JG's nametac.. It is her joke ...but wan son nuna get angry ... kkkk JG: i know why men meet a girlfriend older than themselves. triumphantly kkk Game start .. really cute two balls spining, bouncing...how cute they are ! JS overtake Park nam jeong(NJ) so he calls JS. NJ: i need to talk you JS, JUST WAIT NJ :oH I get cramps in my legs Eating a cookie hanging in the chin up bar Everyone :Jump jump please oppa (In korea we call oppa the man who is older than girl) Anyway 1 round is over ! kk JS and NJ. 2 ROUND : JI HYO AND KIM WAN SON. wan son is like a main character in horror moive 'Ring' A member of Sobangcha, Sang won (SW) : Who is kim wan son? Everyone burst out laughing because he wear a sunglasses so he can't distinguish the colors. Kim wan son(WS) faces the obstalcles hehehe she can't move anything kk Anyway already 3 Round ! Gang gary (GG) is very good at this game ! so fast now go away ! Finish line is on your nose ! GG falls down ㅜnㅜ JG arrives the final line first ! 70~80 Legend team wins Obstacles relay ! JS: Hey older brother, Are you okay? A member of SOBANGCHA: Do not ask me that question! SJ, SW are both not rising star.......they are old stars....kkkkk SW takes off his sunglasses and falls down in the grass..his strength has depleted all...... Anyway Goo hara follows Gang soo ji(SJ) AND THEN outrun her...SJ say oh stop let's go together!!!!! The final runner Gwang soo(My cute star !!!).. but oh poor giraffe....your legs are so long that your legs can't enter the ball......what a compression giraffe... GS:Help me please !!!! But the rival spins over GS.... Legend team wins that game finally kkkk The winner team can get 3 boxes and other team get only 2 boxes...in the box, there are marbles... JS:hey carry SW. He is leaning the wall.....he looks so tired.... Let's go back to 1998 There is arcade ! Hey let's come together... but all the members are already addicted to the games..... KKKKKKKK You guys know that game??? Hit the cushion strongly !! First player Park nam jeong (NJ) WOW HIT PUNCH. 851 point Next JS HIT HIT HIT OH WINS !867 JS turn because he won 882! JS: i've never done it before, but I did well hahahaha a haughty air kkkkk to show dominace ! Oh he also wins ! Next game His point 876! Jun won gwang wins JS ! GG: Hey gwang soo show yourself !!! HH:Think that cushion is JONG GUK!!!!! oh so GS wins that game ! 887 It's time to hit the punch !!! jong guk(jg) our pronoun of strength ! JG wins GS. It's time to hit the punch Gary Fighting ! GG: It is nothing compared to my life huh I can do it. Everyone send jamming signals !! but GG did it ! way to go Gary ! They go back to 2002. That game is tray-karaoke !! Game rule: Each people sing a one measure of a song. If they miss the one lyrics, the tray on their head falls down ! SJ:i love you i need you.... (but he miss the intro) wow wow Others think that he can't match the intro ! Because I know him..he listened 7 times when he heard my song ! The legend team's song is pretty girl by Kara. Oh pretty girl ~ pretty girl ~ GANG SOO JI(SJ) OH my head They guess the word of the song! JG:mal eun? mal i? mal do? GS: mal mal? JG:Be quiet ! KKK always GS get ill treated ㅜnㅜ Gary miss the tune .... Two times pass Legeand team got a halmat...but they can't use it. Gwang won miss the tune !! SOO JI: You have to practice it 10 times ! kkkk SOO JI: Then why don't you use a chance ? They get a hint : Listen whole spmg one more time Oops Giraffe is black hole in this team. Few members become a personal teacher of Giraffe. They decided to use a chance ... they pick up the hint that seat change ! But that is not good for them.... because they have to know the lyrics of song........ JS:What? HH: i will listen SW's part !!! I will find the weak point SW : He can be a normal during night ! So now he is not strange he can do it. They try to exchange the lyrics ! SW gets wrong ! He sing a song really cutely ...>< Oh running man team wins the game !!!!! (But you guys can't understand these words right?ㅜnㅜ This song is like a man is trying to call her girlfriend after break up....and pretty girls is like...um....sorry...it is about the pretty girl just walking bravely things like that?) They have to put the marbles in the hole ... Wow song ji hyo and gand soo ji did it wow Final winner is legend team bye bye our legend team. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish :) Do you enjoy today's running man? But maybe today's running man focuses on retro style in Korea so you may hard to understand this ..ㅜnㅜ I hope next ep is more fun for you >/////< Then see you next week everyone ~. And have a nice week
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