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A plane shortly after take-off in Washington DC. c.MMXII
From a piece of writing I did while en route to Okinawa, Japan:
I love flying. I really do, I always have, and I always will. Unfortunately, most don't agree with me. Since I was little, planes have fascinated me. Even today just watching a plane take off is still just as mesmerizing and spectacular as when I was younger. They are true engineering marvels and flight is almost magical.
Before leaving NYC for the Bahamas. c.MMXIV
Flight is something many take for granted. When you look at the science of it, the slightest imperfections, the slightest errors in engineering, or tiniest bit of damage can turn an airfoil from useable to useless. But, when it's all correct and perfectly designed, flight is possible. It's amazing what science can accomplish.
Waiting inside Hong Kong International Airport. c.MMXV
Just sitting here and staring out the window, its somewhat crazy when you think about what is actually happening at this very moment. Hundreds of thousands of pounds are effortlessly cutting through the air at speeds around 400-500mph. Clouds drift by. In a little over 15 hours I'll have gone from one side of the world to the other.
It's magical, flight.
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Flight is really magical! I'm not afraid of flying, but sometimes during takeoff or midflight I get a bit nervous, even though I don't actually find it scary! I guess my body does at times.