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Soft Romantic makeup is a personal favorite Spring and Summer wedding look. This makeup style is suppose to enhance the brides's natural complexion with brown and pink tones. You may also notice the eyes, cheeks and lips tend to be earthy tones and neutrals. The entire look is similar to the natural makeup trend except its a tad more romantic due to the brown shadow and blush lips.

Earthy Organic

This makeup style uses an earth tone shadow and soft orangey-red hue lipstick. The beauty here is the bride's natural freckles and blushed cheeks.

Into Thin Air

The focus here is all about the brown shadow eye and the soft medium eyeliner. In addition, the glowing cheeks and natural pink lips makes is the key to a romantic look.

Fly Me to The Moon

This is an ethereal and romantic makeup style. Everything falls on the right place (including the hair). The main technique here is blending a shadow that matches the skin tone and matching pink colour on the cheeks and lips.
Photography: Ivy & Stone | Hair & Makeup: Cali Stott Hair and Make up Artistry
@noonmarez I agree and I also love the song itself.
Fly me to the moon is so pretty.
@madeleine It reminds me of Fresh's Sugar Rose Tint Lip Balm.
I wonder what lip color is the bride wearing from the earthy tone makeup.
Such pretty looks. I love how natural they look
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