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I'm a little late with this news, but I just stumbled across this commercial and wanted to share it!
Rainbow Laces is a massive campaign to kick homophobia out of football. In 2014 (when this campaign first aired) players from over 70 professional football clubs including Arsenal and Man City laced up to show their support for gay players.
The campaign successfully reached more players, clubs and fans than ever. There were over 100,000 requests for laces during one week in September.
@kristenadams I expect it to be a yearly thing.
@GermanBumbleBee I think this was released around September. I actually saw a gif set of this and had to search for the video. Really cool move from the football world :)
This was around Christmas no?
I remember this too. Nice touch from Arsenal.
I remember this around the time of the winter holidays/run-in. Was a great cause. Would love to see more clubs do it for sure.