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If you ever got your hair permed or straightened you know how harsh those chemicals are by the smell. I recently learned about this brand, Magic Sleek, which carries formaldehyde free hair straightening. It's also approved by the American Chemical Society.
I'm sure you're all wondering what makes this different from Keratin straightening. Keratin straightening is a smoother/relaxer that breaks and bend the bond of hair making it possible to alter the texture of the strands. This process requires harsh chemicals that makes your hair weak and fragile overtime (this why some people might experience dry ends and hair fall outs from this treatment). Magic Sleek is different in a sense that it does not break and bend the bond of hair. It also claim to restore shine and repair damaged hair. This treatment is suppose to last up to 6 months.
I personally haven't tried this, so I'm wondering if any hairdresser got their hands on this before. From the video below it seems like a less damaging alternative to keratin or Japanese hair straightening. What do you think?

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@noonmarez I actually don't mind the flat ironing but that is also damaging for the hair (split ends), so if there is a method that is less damaging I'll give it try. Let me know if you do get your hair straightening. I would like to know the results.
I'd try this. split ends? chop em off.
@darcysdiary I would do that but I want long hair!
Never heard of this but my mom warned me not to get my hair chemically treated. She's paranoid that my hair will fall out.
I've tried it and it works great! My hair is still pin straight 6 months later, but it also takes out frizz and defines curls too I know. I love that it is formaldehyde free.