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Ok here we go. The end of Week 6 in the MLS means it's time to vote for the Goal of the Week again! Here's the week 6 contenders:

Perry Kitchen's 2nd vs New York Red Bulls

A blistering strike right along the grass from 25 yards out, tucked brilliantly into the corner.

Clye Larin vs Portland

Falling away from goal, still heads it forward with force, into the goal.

Rob Lovejoy vs Montreal

25 yard chip of the keeper after taking the ball from the halfway line for his carer 1st MLS goal.

Dillon Serna vs Dallas

A blinder from 30-35 yards out, curling away from the keeper and right into the top corner.

David Villa vs Philadelphia

A cheeky backheel pass keeps play going before cleaning up by rounding a defender and walking the ball into the goal.
The more I watch Serna's the more I'm amazed by it.

Week 5 Winner: Juan Agudelo

@CitySarajevo I really like Sern'a here too. It was voted by the fans as MLS GOTW.
I like Serna's a little more than Lovejoy's. Serna's.
I like Lovejoy's here. 1st MLS goal on a chip like that? Worth it.