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Thursday will mark the 1 year anniversary of the capsizing of the MV Sewol, a ferry that sank with passengers and crew on board, killing 304.

National Tragedy

The disaster happened when the ferry began making a sharp and "unreasonable 145-degree" turn around the bottom part of South Korea before beginning to capsize. Recovered footage from the aftermath showed that as the vessel capsized, the crew got onto the intercom and told passengers to stay put, a result that could have contributed to more loss of life than was needed.

Unthinkable Toll

The ferry accident is the worst ferry disaster in over 40 years in South Korea. To this day, 9 remain unaccounted for while 292 passengers, 3 crew members, and 2 rescue divers died as a result. Since the ferry was carrying mostly school children, a lot of the victims were young and under the age or 18. Reuters photographer recently revisited the homes of those parents who lost their children in the disaster. Above are the parents in their children's bedrooms.
There have been very few tragedies in recent years that have made me really, really emotional. I don't know what that says about our news, but this...this one hit me hard. As if they mean anything, my condolences to everyone affected once again...
@drwhat Did not know that about the riot police. It still upsets me things like this happen. So much needless, pointless death. So much opportunity lost. So much youth squandered. If only Schrodinger's Cat could be manipulated to reverse this.
@Spudsy2061 There was definitely some rioting, but the exact cause of it is of course debatable. Korea is known to have a lot of riot cops at the ready on any national event day that there might be protests during.
@drwhat That would be scary in terms of governmental incompetence were it to be true.
@Spudsy2061 I read that there was some crazy rioting in Seoul over the weekend because the President wasn't there in the city, and because the families wanted to meet with some officials about the incident but were instead barricaded. Looking for a good source of all that info still, though.
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