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I've been a fan of Shannon since she was 12 @ the first GIF when she first appeared on SBS "star king " I just knew she'll be awesome. it's Really been fun watching her grow through all these years.... from 1-10. I love how she still retains her natural beauty unlike the trend in Korea now and I'm like addicted to her latest song wae o wae o wait... did I mention that my semi anti-kpop roommate loves it too. ANYWAY in case you don't know her I'm just gonna do a brief intro, which I'm sure you guys probably do too or at least I like to think so LOL SHANNON ARRUM WILLIAMS AGE 16 HALF WELSH -HALF KOREAN GENRE: K-POP & DANCE POP MUSIC COVERS; IU GOOD DAY, BEYONCE LISTEN, FROZEN LET IT GO, RIHANNA DIAMONDS DEBUT: 2014 DAYBREAK RAIN @ 10 2015 WHY WHY WHY (BABY YOU GOT ME) AGENCY: MBK,CCM & DAP SOUNDS ASSOCIATED ACTS: F-VE DOLLS, T-ARA , SPEED, GAVY NJ ALL CREDITS TO GOOGLE
*ISAC 2015 video
I saw her in the ISAC 2015 when she was doing archery! She looks beautiful and was amazing! Seriously amazing beautiful!!
I watched this show and she was so cute and did a good job on this program and when I saw her song I surprised that she do that
I've never heard of her before but she's so cute!
I just recently fell in love with her!! I love every single song on her album ^^
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