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Is it wrong to have a dream about someone who used to love you? Is it wrong to be the person that never stops thinking of you? Is it wrong to be the one to say i love you from here to the day my name is said for the last time. Sometimes i wonder, sometimes i think. That the day will come when i've finally had enough. When i can say that there's nothing more and i've cried enough. When there is no reason at all to call your bluff. Sometimes i wonder, Sometimes i think. About when you had me over, now just let that sink. About when you took me over to meet your grandparents, i think. About when i've kissed you the first time. The dream has never been more potent then it is now. The dream is more than just the memories don't you think? I have a question, what does it feel like to see me suffer, it hurts, don't you think? How does it feel? How does it feel to know that E=MC², it doesn't, because you don't know. How does it feel to know that we are concepts of man you don't know? How does it feel? To be left all alone. If you hadn't left, how much more could you do right? I'm scarred, i'm broken, i'm mangled, i have nothig left to give. Just another thought about the days when we used to. when we used to... When we used to laugh, when we used to fight, when we used to do all the things that made us afraid of heights. Now i think, now i wonder, of all the beautiful places i will plunder. With you, with you.. A dream of many wonders.
I swear, you can't get over someone you love that much, i only wanted to talk, i love her, i miss her, i want to kiss her! i haven't felt like this for ages, i mean it hurts so much. it really hurts so much and all i can do is retend to smile just like i do. it was nothing for you to say how much you do. I hurt, i hurt, i sweat i do hurt. i swear i do not want to hurt. i swear i do not want to hurt you, i love you, i still do, i can't imagine gow many times i'm goi g to have to say it.
Your writing openly about your pain is one of the most important parts of feeling it, because you are experiencing something some people never get to: the aftermath of a great love. Why don't people get it? Because they never had that love. As far as the writing goes, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your repetition and cadence were both spectacularly done.
I'm gonna quote something someone wrote to me recently, because I think it fits here, for you, too. "Something told to me ask my dreams for help. There's something powerful working behind the scenes when it comes to dreams. They're these vast metaphorical rides that seem to speak volumes if we're prepared to listen. And that makes sense. For countless years our ancestors relied on dreams and intuition. The modern mind seems to discard these unconscious hints as nothing - they say ''i had a strange dream'' then they brush it off as if it never happened." Now, you may have just been speaking about metaphorical dreams, but I think this can still apply. We never really lose those things, and we never really stop missing people. We just adapt.