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The first weekend of Coachella is came and gone like the wind. Here's a recap of the trending street style from the event. There seem to be more than just fringe and flower crowns this year so scroll down to see a list of dress trends!

Crop Tops

It seems like the belly showing trend is still going strong this year. While the floral designs and fringe seems to dominate the crop top choices my favorite ensemble is the jumpsuit separate.


Who would of thought bandanas made it to the street fashion scene in Coachella?

Print Patterns

From kimonos, dresses and pants print pattern are dominate the scene.


The black-on-black ensemble is surprisingly stylish. It's a total different vibe from the typical Coachella theme.

Fun Hairdos

It's great to see something different that the typical boho-braids and loose waves. Take a look at how these ladies rock the alien buns, cornrow braids and headscarf hairstyles.

Floral Crowns

A classic hairstyle for music festivals but I love the rose crowns much better than the ditsy florals.
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I'm getting shades of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo from the girl in the Monochromatic look. Fierce
What a coincidence! I actually posted a Throwback Thursday hairstyle on the alien bun. Didn't expect this hairstyle at Coachella.
The couple wearing the black-on-black outfit looks to cool to be at Coachella.
Half of the girls are wearing mirrored aviators.
Ankle boots are also popular!