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It’s first important to note that it is by and large impossible to target the fat on your face for weight loss independently of any other part on your body. Spot reduction is not possible anywhere on the body, as it’s genetics that dictates where you will lose fast first. The American College of Sports Medicine puts it like this, “No exercise will eliminate fat from a specific area of the body, just as no change in your level of caloric intake will guarantee that the fat will melt away in the area of the body you most want to address."
What does this mean to those of you wanting to lose a layer of fat on and around your face? It means you need to begin a calorie controlled diet and start exercising. This will have you losing weight all over your body, but like I said earlier, one of the first places many people start noticing weight loss is in their face.
Avoid Puffiness:
1. Avoid Salty Foods
2. Drink A Lot of Water
3. Sleep 6-7 Hours a Night

Exercise #1: Jaw Muscle

Place your middle fingers on the corner of your mouth (not inside the lips) as shown in the picture. These will provide resistance in the exercise. Smile outwards from the corner of your mouth in the direction shown in the picture. Concentrate on stretching your lower lip and chin during the movement. Hold at the widest position possible for 5 seconds, and return. Do this 8 times.

Exercise #2: Full Face

Place your index fingers along the laugh lines between your mouth and your nose, along the bottom line shown in the picture. Put some pressure on your face with your index fingers, and imagine trying to hold your lips and mouth in the same position during the exercise with these fingers.Now, try and lift up all the cheek muscles indicated by the arrows in the picture. Work against your fingers, and don’t let your fingers move up at all. Hold at the top of the movement for 5 seconds, and repeat it 8 times.

Exercise #3: Cheeks

Place your fingers in the same position as you did in exercise #1. Smile upwards, along the lines shown in the picture. Use your fingers as resistance and pull your muscles up towards your temples as far as you can. Hold for 5 seconds and once again, repeat 8 times.

Exercise #4: Double Chin

Lean your head all the way back and look a the ceiling. Make sure the front of your neck feels stretched. Now, purse your lips, pushing them upwards towards the ceiling and hold them for 5 seconds. Relax your lips. This is one rep. Repeat this 8 times.
I think these face exercises are so funny, I do them just for fun haha
Excellent! I hate my triple chin no matter how thin I get! Thanks for these great tips!
I don't do these exercises but your tips for avoiding puffy eyes is spot on!
This is actually fantastic haha I feel like Tyra Banks when she's smizing.
@carenabobo You want to gain weight in your face?! I wonder how to control that healthily :/ The only way my face looks bigger is when I eat unhealthily :(
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