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Spring Beauty Cleanse (TOC)
Hello Everyone, this is going to be my first collection dedicated to the Beauty Community as the moderator. Spring is the season of new beginnings, so I was thinking about sharing a weekly beauty plan to bring your body back to life after months of hibernations. Beautiful healthy skin starts from the inside out so I'll be collaborating with a few moderators and power users from related communities to bring you the best beauty detox tips.
This was inspired by @nokcha's 3-Week Spring Break Training Plan (which I already clipped in this collection). It's a good fitness workout plan even if you're not on Spring break. Check out the series below:
Week 1 (April 14) - Reboot Your Skin by @Mikayla
Week 2 (April 20) - Revive Your Hair by @HairConfetti
Week 3 (April 27) - Boost Your Immune System @stargaze
Follow the collection for weekly updates! If you want to collaborate and share your tips feel free to leave a comment below or message me. :)
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This sounds exciting! I can't wait for the hair revival tips. My hair seriously need some hair spa.
3 years ago·Reply
Thanks for the mention @mikayla. It's my pleasure to collaborate with you. :)
3 years ago·Reply
Aww my pleasure to collab with you! =) Great post by the way.
3 years ago·Reply