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Who doesn't want a baby soft porcelain skin? I know I want my skin to be back in stage one where I have no blackheads or whiteheads and smooth complexion. However, the truth is it's harder to turn back in time but you can prevent it from further skin damage.
Here are 5 weapons to keep your reboot your skin and keep it gorgeous naturally.

Tip 1: Get your eight hours.

It’s called beauty sleep for a reason! While you're snoozing your body repairs and renews itself to get rid of toxins. Getting a good night's sleep in the long run will minimize dark circles and put you on the path to glowing skin. This sounds easy but it's actually the most difficult habit to keep.

Tip 2: Have regular Epsom bath salts.

Once or twice a week soak you body or foot in epsom bath salts. This will promotion detoxification and relax your muscle.

Tip 3: Get body brushing.

Want to reduce cellulite and help drain the lymphatic system of toxins? Try body brushing with a natural-bristle brush before you shower. Do this twice a week for glowing skin!
Note: This is not recommended for face.

Tip 4: Body Scrub

If boding brushing sounds too intimidating make your own body scrub. The aromatic smell will relief all your stress. Here are my favorite body scrub recipes on Vingle.

Tip 5: Treat your skin to a face mask.

Bring back your skin's natural radiance with a DIY face mask. You'll be surprise after doing this weekly.
For Anti-aging Skin: Anti-Wrinkle Mask
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Coffee and vanilla body scrub sounds too delicious to be a body scrub.
Epsom bath soak is so relaxing especially if you have sore muscles!
Saving this for later!
I can't believe I've never thought of soaking in Epsom bath salts. I'm gonna try that one. However the 8hrs sleep is gonna be hard for me.
@Teey You're not alone. I also struggle with the 8 hours.