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Wisconsin Lawmakers Want to Legalize Weed

The process of legalization of marijuana, as you've gotta know by now, is pretty much sweeping the nation. In my opinion, its only a matter of time before we have a change in the federal laws regarding the legality of the substance, as well as more and more states legalizing until that time comes.
What I didn't know as that some cities in Wisconsin already had city-ordinances that allowed possession in private (woo! apparently since the 70s?), so they're kind of already on the route to legalizing.
Now, a bill is being officially introduced in Wisconsin to legalize, which would make Wisconsin join Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington as states where marijuana is legal. Twenty other states allow marijuana use for medical reasons only.
There are a lot of people saying that there's no way this will make it to the house floor in Wisconsin, but I think they're just looking at a matter of time till the change comes at this point.

Go Wisconsin! It's time to bring back a certain show, I guess...

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