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Ankle boots are cute but styling them with jeans is a different story. Due to my petite size, I always have the hardest time finding the right length of jeans. After several experiment I found the best way to wear skinny jeans is to lightly cuff them. I'll explain why. Note: Pictures are from Babble to illustrate my opinion.
Skinny jeans covering ankle boots give you this awkward bump in the front. It also give the illusion that the boots are too big for your feet.
As I mentioned above, regular jeans are always too long for my legs because my torso is longer. Hence, tucking the jeans in will emphasize the jeans length.
Slim rolled cuff is the only styling method that gives my portion a good balance. Plus it elongates my legs.
How do you style skinny jeans with ankle boots?
I actually like the tuck in style. That's how I wear my jeans, leggings and tights.
i actually like both wrong right ones i would do both depending on my mood hahas :p
Being Petite myself I know exactly what you mean! I wear a lot of jeans rolled up depending on the shoe! Great suggestion and exceptional explanation! I love it!
I don't think this is really practical. I'd hate for the rain to get in my boots. I wear the jeans over.
The cuff jean style is cute but I have bow legs so cuffing them makes my legs look shorter.